Are Carbs Good or Bad?

Reducing carbohydrates in a diet is a great way to lose weight. So, does it mean that carbs are bad? There are many popular diets, like Paleo and Atkins that people have great results with. However, the answer is not that simple.

There are a lot of types of carbs, so you can’t say that they are all the same. For example, veggies and fruits are carbs. They are healthy, right? Bread and sugar are also in this category and most people will say that they are less “healthy”. How do we make the right choice? Follow your own instinct in deciding whether is something healthy or not. Less processed food is healthier: whole orange fruit is healthier than orange juice, whole grain is healthier than packaged “whole grain cereals” and brown rice is healthier than white rice. Why?

So, let’s have an example. Have you ever ate an entire loaf of bread? Have you ever tried eating 500 grams of whole wheat (boiled grains)? Eating an entire loaf of bread is more likely than eating boiled wheat. But why? Because of fibers. By making flour, grains get stripped out of fibers, which is one of the main reasons that it’s better to eat whole grains. High-fiber foods tend to be more filling than low-fiber foods, which means that you will eat less and consume less calories (because high-fiber foods are less “energy dense”, so they have fewer calories for the same volume of food).

However, things are not always that black and white and neither they should be. Being too hard on yourself leads to failure. People are avoiding carbs at all costs in order to lose weight and by doing so they are depriving themselves with good high – nutrient food. There are some exceptions at avoiding certain types of food, but only if people have problems with allergies to gluten or inflammation. Try making slow changes in your diet. Start making your own bread, experimenting with types of flour that you haven’t tried before. Try incorporating even whole grains in your bread. Start your day with a whole grain breakfast or try consuming more veggies during the day.

Carbs are good, they are great, but that doesn’t mean that you should eat plenty of refined sugar or flour products. A healthy diet can include carbs – grains, rice, breads or even desserts… but only if the majority of the stuff you eat is good stuff.

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