Healthy Living: General tips

What is a balanced diet? Healthy eating?

A healthy diet can’t be defined precisely, it’s all about personal choices that different people make. Everyone has different habits in life, so making little changes can make drastic improvements in your own health. Unhealthy eating is all about extremes. Eating a specific food that restricts consuming food that is “less” healthy is not a good option. Even some ingredients labeled as “super foods” aren’t that great for eating them in abundance. So, everything it’s about eating in moderation – having a balanced diet.

However, is there any food that you need to avoid at all cost? Yes… if you can. If you cannot, it’s still OK. Just be real about yourself, have real goals in exercising and eating. Stick to your goals in a longer period of time. If you make mistakes, you don’t need to feel guilty. Accept the mistakes and continue sticking to your plan as nothing happened.

Indulging is part of a healthy lifestyle, as long as happens just once in a while, not everyday. The following tips are general ones, that apply to all people that aren’t used to have “healthy” habits.

  1.  Choose exercises that you really enjoy in. If you are bored, changed them. It’s better exercising at least once a month then none. Try finding things that motivate you, like good music or an exercising workout plan. There are plenty good programs online. If you’re not used to workout alone, try with some friends.
  1.  Shop groceries for the whole week. The best tip you can have at shopping is to avoid processed food. Don’t keep unhealthy food in your house because it’s more likely that you will eat them. Eat unhealthy only for special occasions. If you have sugar craving, try eating some fruits.
  1.  Cook your meals as often as you can and avoid eating out. Cook your lunch the day before (if you work or if you don’t have time that day). Don’t spend too much time on cooking, unless you really enjoy it. If it tires you, prepare quick meals by cooking food in the oven. That’s the easiest way to prepare a healthy meal. Another tip is to prepare more food, freeze it and use whenever you’re in a rush.
  1. Think about breakfast the night before. Also, you can make a list of various meals that you want to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In that way, you don’t have to think too much when you choose your meals. Sometimes planning what to eat requires more time than preparing it.
  1. If you feel like you want to indulge, try making some special food or drink. A good option is making smoothies and juices with fruits that are expensive and you don’t eat every day. Let that drink be special. You can also prepare deserts that include some healthy ingredients.
  1. Replace some ingredients with better alternatives. For example, flour is not that great, but mainly because people use too often just one type of flour. Whereas, there are a lot of other great options that you can combine and experiment with. There are also a lot of alternatives for sugar, salt and a lot of types of healthy fats and oils. By experimenting with textures and flavors you will increase the nutritional variety in your diet.
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