Workout Tips (starting tips for beginners)

The most common mistake that people make when they start working out is inconsistency. This doesn’t mean having a bad week, being seek or being lazy for several days. Everyone deserves a break. The inconsistency is bad when you don’t workout in months, years… It is difficult start exercising, but the most difficult part of it is to be motivated all the time. If you’re on a pause or never worked out before, there are some tips that may help you getting out of a resting phase:

 1. Set real goals

Don’t set your goals too high if you have a busy schedule, just start with an easier routine – it’s more likely that you’ll stick to it. Be aware of which part of your body you want to enhance. Real goals may sound like: “ running 5 miles” or “doing one chin-up or one push-up” (don’t laugh – these are real goals for some people). Unreal goals sound like: “next summer I want to be hot”

  2. Start slow

Start with a slow pace. Take this seriously in order to prevent injuries. If you want to focus on running, try incorporating some other workouts for legs, to build up the muscles gradually. Whatever exercise you may choose, try doing some research about additional exercises that may help you getting faster in shape.

  3. Don’t get too obsessed about details and plans

Having pressure about working out the “right / best way” may stop you from being motivated. You’ll miss a lot of workouts and that’s ok, don’t get too frustrated, just continue exercising like nothing happened.

  4. Choose the type of workouts you like

There are a lot of internet workout programs you may like. Outside activities are also an option, just choose something you are passionate about. If you get bored very fast, try changing routines to keep it interesting. Don’t train something because it’s popular or “the easiest way” to get the body you like, but because you really like.

  5. Choose a location

Going to gym may require a lot of time. If you chose an outside activity, you may depend on the weather. Working out at home may be more relaxed, but it’s harder to be consistent. You know what suits you the best.

  6. A company is an option

If you prefer training with a friend, choose one that has an established workout routine and doesn’t give up quickly. If you don’t have such a friend, it’s better to workout out alone.

  7. Don’t think too much before workouts

If you feel lazy, don’t think too much whether to workout or not. You’ll give up. Just go exercising. The worst part of working out is before you even start. Your mindset determines your success.

  8. Gadgets as motivation

Some people like buying new workout clothes. Others listen to music while exercising, so headsets are a must. There are a lot of phone applications that may help you track your goals, so the options are numerous.

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