Workout Mistakes That You Can Avoid

There are a lot of workout mistakes or habits that slow down the process of weight loss. Those obstacles may occur if you start a workout routine or if you are in the middle of its process. Have you ever questioned yourself why are you failing? Here are the common workout mistakes and tips how you can avoid them.

1. Try not to change everything at once

It’s almost impossible to change your habits overnight. If you haven’t been in a workout routine before, it’s less likely that you’ll enjoy working out every day at the gym. Try changing one habit at a time. Start with exercises that you like and then gradually increase the time or the intensity of your workouts. Enjoy the process of exercising and don’t overwhelm yourself.

2. Be real with your goals

Everyone is different, so don’t compare with other people or media images. Through exercising, you’ll get to know your body better. You’ll start loving parts of your body that you didn’t like before. For example, two different people that do the same workout routine may not have the same results. The results depend on other things too (body type, sleep, hormones, stress, metabolism). Try not to aim the “ideal body” – it’s impossible to reach it. Instead, try improving the appearance of your own body. You’ll love your body more than those “ideals” you aimed for at the beginning.

3. Too much cardio

When people talk about weight loss, the first thing that comes up to their minds is cardio training. Cardio training is great for your workout routine, however, it’s not an effective way to lose weight. For example, women tend to choose cardio over strength training, because of the fear of getting “bulky”. The reality is – women can’t get bulky (unless they take supplements or spend the majority of time at the gym). On the other side, men often avoid cardio training because of the fear of losing muscle mass. The combination of various types of training is the most effective for weight loss.

4. Not lifting heavy enough

This workout mistake doesn’t apply if you just started with your workout routine. “Not lifting heavy enough” refers to people that are regular with their training, but they don’t see the expected results. Choose a weight that is challenging enough and don’t cheat yourself. Be focused and patient with your training and the results will come.

5. Skipping the warm-up

Warm-up is one of the most important part of a workout routine. It helps your body increasing the blood flow to the appropriate muscles and helps your body raising its temperature – so that it causes sweating. Warming-up and stretching may prevent injuries.

6. Skipping body parts

When some muscles are worked and others ignored, you may increase injury risks. By skipping particular body parts, you’ll reduce body balance. People often do that because of the results that they want to see in the mirror. Men tend to work on their upper part of the body while women on their lower part. While this may be a stereotype, the reality is not that far. Always balance your workouts.

7. Not feeding the muscles after a workout

Many people believe that they should skip dinner in order to lose weight – even after a good workout. However, having a meal after hitting the gym is important. For best results, eat within an hour after exercise, when muscles absorb most of the nutrients in food.

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