Can diet cure diseases?

People often claim that “food can not cure diseases”, only drugs cure – doctors often claim that as well. Whenever someone mentions that only “drugs cure” – you get the wrong part of the message. There is nothing wrong with what doctors claim –  the only problem is that they forget to mention how food is important for improving our health. Many doctors discount nutrition completely.

All drugs have risks as well as benefits. The benefits of drugs are that they can improve your health and well-being by treating a disease, curing infection, or relieving pain. The risks are the chances that something unwanted or unexpected will happen when you use them (side effects).

There are a lot of new discoveries in medicine. With early diagnosis and proper treatment, people prolong their lives significantly. That’s not all – medicine is constantly making progress.

Can diet cure diseases? This question is always open to debate. There are a lot of new “opinions”. Statements about diet and diseases are made every day – whether on TV, facebook, forums, interviews or books. That’s ok. Everyone has its own opinion.

However, let’s talk about opinion of two doctors on whether diet can cure diseases:

Can we eat to starve cancer?

Doctor William Li talks about treating cancer by eating cancer-fighting foods. He doesn’t think that “only“ food cures diseases. He also states that medicine has a significant role in treating illnesses. Doctors Li claims that genes are responsible for cancer appearance in only 5-10% of all cases. From the remaining percentage (90 – 95%), diet impacts on cancer appearance in 30-35% cases. That’s why in some cases (not all of them) food is extremely important for improving overall health. Click here to get more information about his talk.

Can diabetes be cured with food?

Doctor Sarah Hallberg has stopped diabetes 2 to her patients by changing their diet. She talks about certain rules that everyone should follow in order to treat or prevent diabetes: to eat natural food, to avoid low-fat food (because they put carbs and chemicals in it), to eat when you are hungry and to eat fewer carbs. You can find out more about her talk here.

What if you follow doctor Li’s and Hallberg’s tips for the purpose of preventing a disease:

  • You’ll eat more vegetables, berries and citrus fruits, drink teas, use spices like turmeric, nutmeg, onion or parsley, eat vitamin E rich foods… you’ll restrict sugar intake and eat fewer carbs.

What will happen if it turns out that these doctors were wrong?

  • You ate food that is already considered “healthy”, food that is not that expensive and food that it’s not going to harm you. Furthermore, you won’t cause any damage to your body if you stop eating processed food – food that is actually not real food. What are the damages to our body if they are wrong? No damage at all.

What can we do in order to prevent or cure diseases:

  1. Don’t focus on statements “diet is not that important”. Your body will have more benefits at fighting diseases by eating real food – certainly more than by eating processed food.
  2. Although food has its benefits, being physically examined by a doctor on a regular basis is important. Doctor’s office is actually the only place where you have to look for a diagnosis or treatment – but always have the awareness that what you eat also may have an impact on your disease.
  3. Consider alternative things that will help fighting diseases and remember – something that suits for me doesn’t necessarily suit for everyone. Everyone is different.

Let’s summarize the article. It’s a big difference between eating to improve the state of your body and actually curing a disease. There is no magic food/drug for every type of disease. A lot of diseases can be managed or cured with healthy food. Even if not, our body would have a lot of benefits from eating real food.

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